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Double Crimp Screen mesh for sale

Heavy industrial screens vibrating screen wire mesh is available in different wire diameters, mesh opening and open area. This is widely used for various applications such as screening, sizing, grading, shifting, separating, scalping and washing. This wire mesh can be also custom designed in case plungers and vibrating rods are needed to insert for protection against tearing. It is installed above rubber beads to avoid metal to metal contacts.
Features: by cotton loom of various materials woven wire and square meshes, stable structure, strong impact resistance, abrasion resistance, low cost, mesh for a long time to maintain a uniform, appearance and so on.
Usages: can be widely used in mining, sand stone, selection and construction of raw coal, isolation and protection of civil, aquaculture and other industries. The stainless steel Crimped Wire mesh can also used for acid, alkali conditions of petroleum, chemical industry, ocean industry filtration, screening and protection, making continuous glass reinforced, various industrial basket, arts and crafts, kitchen, refrigerator storage
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