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High quality Crimped wire mesh for sale

Crimped wire mesh sieves is used in used in the waste water,oil refining,mining,construction,safety and food processing industries for applications that require strength and large-hole filtering and screening.Pre-crimped wire cloth is also used in architectural and industrial design applications.
 Crimped wire mesh Advantage:
1.Ease of fabrication,  Stable structure and good strength.
2.Excellent corrosion & acid resistance,  Thermal and heat resistance.
3.Beautiful appearance and long service life.
 heavy duty wire mesh sieves is custom manufactured for products and applications requiring strength and rigidity,such as sieves and vibration filter media for sizing,sorting and filtering heavy or large materials.Heavy duty wire cloth is used in the mining.Refining and construction industries.
Crimped wire mesh is used as fence or filters in a lot of industries ;Heavy Duty Crimped wire mesh are also named Quarry Mesh ,it is mostly used as screen in mining ,coal factory ,construction and other industries.
Crimped wire mesh Application:
1.Mining,petroleum,chemical,coal factory
2.Railroad bridge,construction and food industry
3.Screening and grading of solid materials ,filtering of liquid and quarry
4.Roasting flour food and meat.
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