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Polyurethane Screen Mesh

The injection moulded modular polyurethane screen panels are made from specially formulated urethane to enhance plant and process requirements. Lianfa Hardware Wire Mesh manufactures a wide range of polyurethane screens that are lighter, more cost-effective and achieve a longer working life than standard screen panels. While all urethane screen panels are well known for their abrasion resistance, only  screens combine long life with high open area, capacity, and performance rivaling that of conventional woven wire screens. Moreover, its anti-blinding properties now make it feasible to screen materials previously considered difficult or even impossible to screen.
Main Features
1) Manufactured from strong, high-tensile polyurethane compounds.
2) High wear resistance, extended wear life - up to 30% more thane steel media.
3) High screening efficiency.
4) High density precision injection moulded polyurethane screening module
5) Friction resistance, shock resistance.
6) Low noise : effectively reduces noise by as much as 50% over steel media.
7) Easy to handle, install, maintenance and removal
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