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Characteristics of polyurethane mine screen products

Our factory is a professional manufacturer of polyurethane mine screen, polyurethane square-hole screen, polyurethane round-hole screen, polyurethane rectangular screen, polyurethane special-shaped screen, and other mining equipment accessories. It can also produce products of different specifications according to customers'needs.

Product characteristics

polyurethane mine screen

(1) Polyurethane mine screen vertical and horizontal strips are made of high wear resistant polyurethane materials, which contain steel wires. Its service life is 3-10 times longer than that of traditional metal screen.

(2) The unique structure, suitable elasticity, and plastic force can not only reduce the jam but also reduce the sticking due to the second harmonic high-frequency vibration of polyurethane mine screen. The dehydration and desorption effect is good, the practical opening rate is high, and the screening efficiency is high.

(3) There are elastic tension hooks on both sides of the screen. The overall weight is light, the flexibility is good, the transportation and storage are easy, and the installation and disassembly are convenient.

(4) The screen can effectively absorb shock, reduce noise and improve the working environment.
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