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Use of Mining Industry Screen Mesh

Mining Industry Screen Mesh is a metal mesh structure element used for screening and filtering. It is widely used in screening, filtering, dewatering, desliming and other operations in many industries. It has high strength, stiffness and bearing capacity, and can be made into rigid screening and filtering devices of various shapes. Mainly used in coal, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, grain, and other industries.

Varieties: stainless steel welded Mining Industry Screen Mesh, screen basket, vibrating screen, slit screen, cylinder screen, arc screen, high strength screen, polyester Mining Industry Screen Mesh, etc.

Mining Industry Screen Mesh

Material: Titanium wire, nickel wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, iron wire, steel wire

Features: Mining Industry Screen Mesh is a newly developed product in the wire mesh industry. It is characterized by easy leakage, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, tensile strength and wear resistance.

Uses: It is widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, grain, salt, environmental protection, and other industries. Screening liquid, powder, and other materials. Petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical purification, drilling fluid purification, etc.

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