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What caused the Vibrating Screen Mesh to die.

Vibrating Screen Mesh is a kind of filtering mechanical separation equipment for mud solid treatment, widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical, and other industries, used as a material classification, washing, dehydration, removal of medium screening. Screening Screen Mesh is an important part of Vibrating Screen Mesh, but the screen is damaged too fast Vibrating Screen Mesh is one of the common problems, what is the cause of the screen life is not long, how to improve its service life, today depth analysis.

Causing Vibrating Screen Mesh life is short mainly due to the accumulation of clay, motor steering error, screen, and screen frame fit are not tight and poor quality of the screen, and how to solve these problems, let's further analysis below.

First, the accumulation of clay

Vibrating Screen Mesh vibration amplitude is too small, can not effectively overcome the clay viscosity, resulting in rapid accumulation of damage in the sieve mesh.


1, increase the vibration amplitude;

2, with the water spray screen and clay, reduce the viscosity, but this method is only suitable for the occasion to allow the addition of water;

3, down to adjust the angle of the screened sand discharge port side, which will help the material discharged by gravity;

4, replace the mesh screen or adjust the flow of a single screen so that the material discharged smoothly.

Motor steering error

Vibrating Screen Mesh

When debugging the motor steering, field operations personnel based on past experience, that as long as the material to go on the line, but this method is an only linear sieve. If the motor is rotated toward the inside of the error, although the projectile angle is forward 45°, the material has a backward rolling force, then move forward much slower speed, the long residence time in the sieve, and even lead to the material cannot be discharged.


1, when the operation of the screen box, press the stop button of the electric control box, then Vibrating Screen Mesh will slowly stop, observe the small dots on the side plate to form an elliptical path when Vibrating Screen Mesh is running, and roll to the sand outlet for the correct steering.;

2, Remove the Shroud of a vibrator, check whether the eccentric shaft is rotating to the outside;

3, the exchange of electrical control box into the line power of any two phase line, in the sieve surface sprinkle some sand, and faster that is the right kind of direction.

Screen mesh and screen frame fit is not tight

After supporting the screen strip wear screen cannot be reliably in contact therewith; screen no reasonable tension.

Poor mesh quality

Generally have an upper portion of the screen and the lower portion of the screen stratification force layer, requires close contact between the two layers, if the screening process is poor, when the bottom of the screen layer taut force, no tension sieve stratification, throwing force work material is greatly reduced, not smooth screening and discharge. Solution: replace the high-quality screen.
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