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Woven Wire Screen manufacturers

Woven wire mesh, also called of woven wire cloth, is commonly made of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass or copper. We lianfa wire mesh company produce woven wire mesh in all meshes from large openings to ultra fine meshes to satisfy your multiple requirements. The weaving methods of our woven wire mesh include plain weave, twill weave, plain dutch weave, twilled dutch weave, reversed dutch weave, etc, With large range of openings and multiple types of weaving methods, woven wire mesh can be used for filtration, protection, appreciation and decoration, etc. And at the same time, according to your specific requirements, we can make further process of the woven wire mesh, such as cutting mesh into pieces or special shapes that you need, welding or wrapping the mesh edges or galvanized or PVC coated on the surface. Thus, woven wire mesh we company produce can be able to meet your diverse needs.
Woven Wire Screen Feature
1 Uniform mesh openings are suitable for filtration.
2 Flat and smooth surface with no sharp edges, burrs or acute angles.
3 High pressure and temperature resistance in reference to materiel selected.
4 Excellent flexibility are capable to forming the shape that you want.
5 Wide range of application: filtration, protection, decoration, art appreciation, etc.
6 Long service life. The raw material that we make the woven wire mesh meets the international standards. And if you need, we can provide the quality certification.
7 Easy maintenance. Woven wire mesh made of metal will need minimum maintenance compared with woven wire    mesh made of cloth.
Woven Wire Screen Application
Woven wire mesh is commonly used for filtration, protection decoration and art appreciation. And it can be used in construction industry, petroleum industry, coal industry, agricultural and food industry, etc.
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