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Flat Top Screen for sale

Flat Top Screen. Its use is recommended for the classification of fine products with a high degree of humidity and plasticity The wires of this type of mesh are pre-undulated in order to obtain a great rigidity. It is used in meshes where the ratio between the aperture size and the wire is bigger than normal.
Flat top screen are manufactured from round and profiled plain weave wire. The wires are stamped on the opposite side of one of its surface, obtaining from the weaving a flat and even surface on the opposite side of the undulations.  The structure is very solid and this allows it to receive heavy loads.
The main characteristic of this type of product is its flat working surface, which gives it its long servicetime and a maximum  performance.
Flat top screens sepcifications feature :
1. wire diamter: 0.71mm-12.5mm.
2. Aperture: 1mm-100mm.
3. Wire diameter tolerance <0.03mm.
4. Aperture tolerance ±3%.
5. Screen length and width tolerance is ±5mm.
6. Screen diagonal tolerance is controlled within 1.5mm every 300′ length .                                                                       
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