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Crimped Wire Mesh for sale

Crimped Wire Mesh is called crimped mesh,crimped woven wire mesh or woven wire mesh.including: low carbon steel wire,high carbon steel wire,medium carbon steel crimped wire mesh and stainless steel crimped wire mesh,the two curved card is in relative position,guarantee the mesh size.
The materials of galvanized crimped mesh are stainless steel wire, high carbon steel wire, medium and low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, galvanized steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire. Galvanized crimped wire mesh is woven by pre-bending before forming.
It is divided into locking braiding, bidirectional plain braiding, unidirectional corrugated braiding, bidirectional plane braiding, bidirectional corrugated braiding, rectangular hole braiding and oblique braiding.

Widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, machinery accessories, protective nets, packaging nets, barbecue nets, barbecue oven nets, galvanized flower-rolling nets, sintering furnace nets, hardware products nets, handicraft nets, vibrating screen nets, basket nets, food machinery nets, cooker nets, wall nets, grain, highway, railway, infrastructure nets

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