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65 Mn steel screen mesh for sale

65 Mn steel screen mesh is made from high tensile temper 65 Mn steel, best material for screen mesh in china. Mn-steel wedge wire is used of embedded (Mn65-Q) method of weaving. Warp and weft point is not outstanding, the surface is smooth, even by force. 65 Mn steel screen mesh has high quality ductility and toughness. When with the strong shock friction, the surface will have a strong work-hardening due to the plastic deformation. And the surface hardness can be increased to more than HRC60 so that it can obtain the high wear resistance. While the infernal remains high plasticity and toughness. When the old surface of the wear and tear, the new surface will form a wear-resistant layer with a long life.
65 Mn screen mesh can be woven by plain weave,double crimped weave,flat top weave etc. It is widely used for screening all kinds size of sand, gravel, coal, stone,rock, chipping, metal material and other ore material in mining, quarry and aggregate industries. Our company provides variety of mn steel screen mesh to meet customer's special application.
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